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1. A feckless precision bearing score system.2. The ABEC score system has been around for the past 35 many years. The purpose of the ABEC committee (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) just isn't to check every producer's bearings and proclaim them great or bad, but to ascertain dimensions, tolerances, geometry, and noise criteria for bearings so as to help professional bearing makers and people in the production, comparison and variety of bearings for general programs. But since every bearing is employed in a new manner and environment, bearings ought to be redesigned or "customized" for special utilizes (love skateboarding). The ABEC rating system isn't meant to function as the just criteria employed for selecting bearings to be used in specific applications like skateboarding. The ABEC rating system includes grades 1,3,5,7, and 9. The bigger the ABEC rating, the tighter the tolerances tend to be, making the bearing an even more precision component. The dimentions and tolerances managed by the ABEC criteria are the diameters and widths of this raceways, their particular shapes somewhat additionally the smoothness for the working surfaces. The ABEC score system ignores, side loading, influence resistance, materials selection and class, appropriateness of lubrication, ball retainer type, level of baseball, the clearance involving the balls and the events, installation requirements, and requirement for upkeep and cleansing. Therefore making the ABEC rating system an utter waste of a serious skateboarder's money and time. 1. Acronym for "Another Baseless Exaggerated Claim", aka marketing term always sell cheap, poor bearings to kids that don't understand better.