What does AB Fingers mean?

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a disorder skilled whenever one plays the game "crazy wild birds", "Angry Birds Seasons", or "furious Birds Rio" excessively.The continual tapping associated with the pause key therefore the subsequent tapping of restart button right beneath it making use of a person's remaining flash ultimately causes throbbing and a peculiar tingling that can not be precisely explained unless one encounters it firsthand.As for the right hand, particular birds need tapping to utilize their particular capability. People would rather use their particular correct thumb for this specific purpose, which can lead to comparable impacts because the left-hand. Numerous impatient people worsen this problem by starting their bird, tapping for capability, then quickly swipe from remaining to in order getting right back for their wild birds to launch because quick as possibleThis problem is curable with pauses between every few frustrated wild birds levels. But if an individual decides to keep playing, their problem could aggravate.