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A high college based in Neptune, Monmouth County, NJ.Allied is a small health-centered school for academically inclined, aspiring doctors, etc. It really is based in Neptune, which will be a damn shithole.The pupil body comprises of anime viewing Asians, over cliquey white children, cooking pot dealers and ecig people. It is a small school, about 270 students, which gossip and spread shit quicker than any other-group of humans. The uncommon hot woman or playboy do stray to those parts, to in which they pursue their future as a raging whore. The white young ones that team together have a lot of parties, where they could consume alcohol, smoke, and whore around for enjoyable, all while chatting shit about one another. The institution time is composed of Indians and Asians contending for the greatest level, due to the fact white young ones are way too busy maybe not giving a fuck. Some children will eventually OD on anime and can check out be refused and outcasted because of the student body. Deodorant people tend to be scarce inside halls of Allied. The possible lack of showering, in conjunction with curry eating, results in the stankiest damn school which has been founded therefore far.Most people smell like ass.There isn't any sports group, thank god, because allied-goers can be the unathletic fucks.On a closing note, if you want medicines, girls, and alcohol, then chances are you should probably attend an Allied party. accidental supply hickie- once you stay the night time at a strangers house or apartment with a pal and provide the stranger an hickie on the website arm on accident. About Hoes Airborne Hoe Holdover