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'AAFC' stands for 'Australian Air energy Cadets,' The AAFC are a residential area organization financed because of the Royal Australian Air Force being develop younger kids to develop up with an understanding or enthusiasm for aviation, also building self-dicipline characteristics. The AAFC are put up into different wings, which seperate each state, within each wing will vary squadrons. The AAFC offer different oppertunities starting from flying plane, right through to going on outside military camps. The AAFC train various subjects, such as Aircraft recognition, aviation, exercise and ceremonial, fieldcraft and more.u000du000au000du000aAn acronym standing for Arrow Alphabet Fan Club. This has because already been utilized as a musical organization title for an Indie team when you look at the North of The united kingdomt.u000du000au000du000aUnited States Anal Flying Club.u000du000au000du000aaafc is short for australian environment force cadets. quite simply, they SUCK