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A not so common term, in common terms indicating "attention attracting condition".This derives from the ancient concept of ADD, which signifies "attention shortage disorder".The parables are easily noticed.There are older overused synonyms for AAD eg "attention whore" or "drama queen". Asian Attention Disorder.All asians have actually this condition when you're heavily focused on an interest therefore stray away from it in under a couple of seconds.there isn't any medicine with this infection Obtained Asshole Deficiency Syndrome.A tragic symptom in which radiation damage triggers the taint to fuse to another side of the asshole, causing a plug sufficient to partly or completely prevent defecation.Warning signs: before the improvement full-blown AADS, you can observe tingling agarose.Known threat facets: microwave publicity. Exposure to American Dad.Treatment: can sometimes be treated with an eating plan that produces wet diarrhea. Can also be corrected by painful surgery.Antonym- fistula.