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Argued as the utmost effective shotgun within the world.The Atchisson Assault Shotgun or AA-12(AKA the Auto Assualt Shotgun) could be the world's firstFull Automatic Shotgun.It originated by Maxwell Atchisson, and was developed priorly in 1972. It is effective at firing 300 rounds per minute.(5 every 2nd) not just does the weapon have actually a rapid fire score, but is capable go so far as a standard assualt rifle.It can perform carrying 8 shells, with a drum barrel, 20 shells.It can hold 3 types of ammunition: Buckshot, Frag-12 rounds, or Slugs.Because of it's energy, it's popular in modern-day Military fight, and it now from the Military Police techniques Inc.a recently available 2005 Model (Military Police techniques, or even the MPS model for short,) is released and holds a slimer, lightweight appearance.The weapon weighs in at 5.2 Kgs with 8 shells, 7.3 with a drum barrel.In other arbitrary occasions, the gun had been featured on a 2007 episode of Future Weapons. Most likely one of the better shotgun in the world, But the worst firearm within the game "Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2".