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The place to go if you've ever: pissed your jeans; wrecked your vehicle; already been arested for several DUI's; passed away out in the open air; urinated in an inside spot or plant; hid alcohol for "later"; drank liquor you might think is foul because there is nothing else; thought hair associated with the dog is a good idea; lost a weekend; called your buddies to patch together the reason why you might be residence without your pants; missed Thanksgiving or Christmas supper by accident; been fired 'cause you may be also drunk/hungover to surely got to work; woke up wondering who's resting alongside you; want to drink a cocktail and ended up drunk, and; you sincerely cannot stop drinking but don't desire to live a miserable life. A 12 action system for people who want to end consuming and acquire sober and stay sober. It is really not operate by anyone but is a democratic group of fellow drunks. It's not spiritual, but there is a spiritual aspect on system for folks who want it. It's outstanding system in which its people usually look for enduring deep friendships along with other sober people. It works! Alcoholic Anonymous, a business set up to help people get over alcoholism through 12 steps and spirituality. African American, espescially used in individual ads. The essential widely used style of battery pack 1) an oft-forgotten bra size implying itty-bitty but very adorable boobs2) someone of stated dimensions Alcoholics Anonymous...a location where drunks head to cure their particular addiction.