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Audi's leading sedan, available in numerous energy trains. The genuine ballers would just move within the S4 version where 340hp of penis extension is bolted to your all wheel drive road grasping ride of love. Often during snow storms it's confused with a snowmobile aswell. The opposite of a G6. Unlike having substantial amounts of swagger, you're insanely white and square. Much like an A4 sheet of paper. a 4th generation VW/Audi chassis that produces the foundation the 1999-2005 Jetta, Golf, and Beetle; additionally, helps make the foundation the Audi TT and first generation Audi A3/S3. A4 may be the chassis signal for 4th generation for the "A" variety of VWAG's vehicles.Usually utilized among VW followers to differentiate different years regarding the Golf and Jetta. A4's were looked at as quite cool into masses, but VW fanboys who cannot afford all of them decry all of them for being fat, despite the fact that they certainly were quicker than earlier generation VW's.This could be really complicated; the Audi A4 is created on a B5 framework (exactly like the 1998-2005 Passat).Also named a Mk4. a massive cavernous vagina -or-a vagina that is additionally a black-hole -or-where those lacking dryer clothes find yourself a massive cavernous vagina-or-a vagina that's also a black hole-or-where dozens of lacking dryer socks wind up Short term for a 4-speed automated Transmission nasty gang that operates westcoast of bcthey got bitches workin aside like they on that bow flex