What does A201 construction contract mean?

A201 construction contract meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Developed and posted by the American Institute of Architects u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009(AIA), this standard document describes the overall problems of u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009the contract for building, including hold benign terms u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009and insurance requirements. While alterations are typical, the u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009A201 agreement is probably the hottest of most standard construction u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009agreements; therefore, its terms have risk and insurance implications u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009for many building tasks. See in additionu000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009United States Institute u000du000au0009u0009u0009u0009of Architects.