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when you look at the army, whenever something on a bit of gear had been thought faulty, air staff/ user/ pilot/ driver would fill in a VIDS/MAF (aesthetic Information show System/Maintenance Action Form) saying the thing that was wrong with all the system and switching it into repair Control. Control would after that deliver it on specific store to fix the issue. If the specialist sought out toward aircraft, went up the FLIR/Radar/ACU system and could not replicate the situation or found no mistakes, they might sign off the gripe sheet with 11-1-A-799 (at least within the airwing which was the entire line/box rules) and deliver it back to Control which means that we couldn't duplicate the problem and they were filled with crap. A-799: an United States Naval Aviation term and therefore it absolutely was a bit of gear which was recieved bad through the plane but ended up being fine. The part the O-level specialist sent into becoming repaired had nothing wrong with it. There are many grounds for an O-level technology to send in something that is in good working order, Lazyness is just one, poor maintencance skills, an unorganized workshop and or closet, there are many over this. Whenever gear is reissued into stock as A-799 then O-level technology that sent it in as bad can get into difficulty for wasteing the federal government's money and time.