What does A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ mean?

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Something just achievable by many people if something is given in exchange; say a blowjob. The best college grade ever. You will find 2 factors individuals hate people who have A+'s:1. They truly are kinda envious.2. The people just who have them tend to be despised because as opposed to partying and drinking beer until they mightn't see right outlines or breathe anymore, they spent nights learning for that last exam so that they don't get SWORDED! by their moms and dads. a quality i'll never get in college. (French)"a plus", quick for "a plus tard", that is "see you later on".Used to finish a casual mail, or a chatEquivalent to "C U" computer system certification Refering to anything awesome, great, sweet, neato, 'ace' or 'off the hook', in the event that you will. An expression to be used when explaining some thing good, and usually followed by a cheezy high-five. why the biochemistry class doesn't have a bend. your ex who won't stop studying and accept the C+ the rest of us have-been desperately longing for