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North carolina Agricultral and Specialized State UniversityAGGIE PRIDE!!!(aggie pride)- (Achieving Great Goals In Everything – manufacturing well known IndividualsDedicated To Excellence)The essence of Aggie Pride is manifested in standards depicting just what it really way to be a responsible member of The vermont Agricultural and Specialized State University Family. These requirements give you the impetus and motivation, which motivate pupils, faculty, staff, directors, and trustees alike in their perpetual dedication to excellence. New york Agricultural and Specialized State University features an original legacy of nurturing individual pupils to understand their fullest potential.-The just HBCU with school sprit.. Residence of this "GREATEST HOMECOMING ON EARTH"-Home regarding the Greensboro Four, who on February first 1960 pioneered the sit-ins at Woolworth in Greensboro, NC.-Produces many black colored engineers in the united kingdom.-Aggie Land Ass&Tits