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The religion 'a' was created by a group of moronic 12 12 months olds in the year 2003. Followers worship the letter 'a' and believe Jesus may be the image of giant smiling page a with pigtails and a crown. The followers are led because of the 'Pope of a,' who is a mystical figure, suspected to possess died of a ruptured spleen in late 2005.The paramilitary wing of this faith (the crusaders of cheerfulness) is led by Sergeant Smiley, one of the world's most wanted criminals. Despite lacking any bodily functions irrespective of a sizable circular hairless face, he has got killed over 2000 followers associated with rivalling religion b, with the help of their comrades.

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In such a religion exactness of ritual must play a large part - so large, indeed, that many modern critics have been.

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