What does A Zander Emo mean?

A Zander Emo meaning in Urban Dictionary

An emo prick, with stupid ginger hair which is shaved round the sides and long-on the utmost effective. The long hair on the top is taken, with reasonable power (presumed to-be a form of self-harming) over the face, to be able to conceal one eye. Said ginger emo will walk-around hitting away with colloquial, however - strangely - perhaps not emo, banter and believe he could be funny. Yet, deep down, we know he's just another ginger emo prick.Also note that a Zander Emo might have a bent cock, resembling the shape of a boomerang, but usually not as big, or fun.Therefore, to spot a Zander Emo one should merely look for the previous discussed haircut and somebody who appears side on when peeing into a urinal.