What does A Young Jeffrey mean?

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Signs And Symptoms Of A Jeffrey1. Mass quantities of cigarette items; made use of spitters are just like a damn bread crumb trail if you should be looking for this fucker.(why you'll, i don't know)2. Mispronunciations of almost every word into the dictionary; that is called the younger Jeffrey effect.example: coarx which will be supposed to be coarse3. Clingy as fuck, is and I quote, "Feels Lonely", plenty supposedly. Will ask you to answer what you are doing, if you hear, "Hey man, whatcha doin cousin?", get the fuck regarding there.4. As he feels like gettin big and tries to boost their sound, all one must do is raise your voice as well as tell him to close the fuck up. He'll then commence to apologize about 30 times and try to supply a hug.5. If you're able to show a butt chin, you have a jeffrey.6. Final but not least, a Jeffrey will like some wranglers and everything country. Choosing the country motif, a Young Jeffrey will not shy away from making out with there relative or even the occasional rough and more principal rugby girl.7. If anything is wrong, don't hesitate to have a new Jeffrey as your first suspect.