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a rather silly person. A fool, idiot, retard, or moron. Utilized jokingly/uninsultingly. Nickname of this Wally Parks trophy, the official trophy associated with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).Given to local and nationwide event champions off all NHRA-sanctioned activities, "The Wally" is named after the president associated with NHRA, Mr. Wally Parks.First awarded in 1969, the Wally is just about the many coveted trophy throughout of drag rushing, and whether it's a little solitary car storage of a blue collar plumbing professional along with his '69 Camaro B/Gas in Maine into most well financed and advanced mutli automobile Top gas teams in California, having the ability to utter the expression "I won a Wally" could be the imagine thousands of racers all around the country, plus the globe.