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*Contains Spoilers*Extremely very long and complicated story in the Green Day fansite geekstinkbreath.net. Study by aproximatly half the GSB populace, an email never Come painless incoperates songs from many difernet performers into an imaginative and appealing tale.It is created by billie_joe_fitThe tale uses living of a character known as Steph (or Stef), whith an arduous residence life, which operates away to enter a competion to fulfill Green Day. She ultimately ends up meeting the band and relationship blossoms between our hero Steph and Bilie Joe Armstrong. Steph nevertheless goes forward using the competion, triggering a feud between another rival, Jimmy. The readers learn that Steph was self-harming for decades and attempts to destroy by herself after a fight with Billie Joe.The theame of terrorism is woven into this fanfic when Billie is almost killed in a bombing. Steph will be forced to go to Billie Joe's family home, pretending she is the girlfriend of bandmate Tre Cool.The story contains possibly the most tragic last chapter in history of lover fiction. A moment terrorist attack promises living of pregnant Steph, hours before Billie Joe is a result of show their partner that he would rather be with Steph.Although stories in which Billie Joe has been anybody besides his spouse of twelve many years, have actually recieved critism on GSB previously, this story is the exemption. Not even close to the normal teenie 'we LyK mET BiLlIe aNd hE LuVz mE', A Note never Come Easy usually exceeded ten pages of opinions per part and recieved over forty right ten votes.A must review regarding GSBian or Green Day fan, with an hour or two to spare