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The infamous Loz P lurks around street corners associated with Scottish main buckle, waiting to go angry raj at anyone who dares cross the woman torrid path. The evasive little critter can often be discovered nibbling on chicken wings and sipping a can of fizzy diet coca cola. Anyone who dares defy this fiery temptress dangers being hacked to death with a machete or hung drawn and quartered from Clyde bridge. Never ever anyone to shun a wonderful beverage regarding the strongbow persuasion, if the Loz P gets drunk she may succumb to a case of 'Mad Raj'. Or whenever she's a as sober as switch. Loz P can happen friendly but once derogatory terms are used infront of the woman (i.e. rug muncher) she's capable of decapitating a man with just a sizzling glare. She's got a feminist radar so when misogynistic comments are formulated a missile is established which destroys stated person. Misogynists beware.