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A Beat is a community lavatory or community restroom in which homosexual guys congregate to cover homage to Priapus. Please see dick worshipper and George Michael.A Beat may be the Gentleman's lavatory or lavatory in which George Michael shows his intimate skill as an alfresco cruising musician bent over a urinal. Aesthetic material of beats is visible and heard on George Michael's single, "Outside", where George plays up their arrest for participating in a lewd work in a notorious general public restroom at a Beverly Hill's town playground.Beats are community toilets where heterosexual policeman who're actually perplexed homosexuals visit live out their particular sexual dreams, or about get close enough for a taste of them.A dirty beat has-been satirized as Courtney wants mouth. Noun/Verb.A term for masturbation.sounds better than "A wank"arises from the "bate" in masturbate To-be beating, or following rhythm of some type.