What does A " A " A " A " mean?

A " A " A " A " meaning in Urban Dictionary

1) articles which means that "for there become one of". Constantly accompanied by a noun. Modifications to "an" whenever used with a word which begins with a vowel.2) the first letter of alphabet.3) a representation of highest quality accomplished, A "A".u000du000aA method of getting to the top place in an alphabetically sorted record. Numbers also can used but could be considered "cheating", additionally some listings like this one don't allow figures at the start of brands.The typical "AAAA" can not work as spaces and quote marks come prior to the letter thean in many lists.It is rumoured the exclamation level (!) could be the very first personality on any number, so having "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the beginning of your name would guarantee popularity.