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Bad bonnet located in the suburb of Paris, France. Actually, oahu is the few their state. a place positioned in the north of Paris, aptly called banlieue nord, or north-projects... An agglomeration of inexpensive project-style housing notorious because of it's african population and crime rate. popular rap group NTM camr after that which departement of France features because already been represented by many rappers within the european rap scene. The 93 location comprises many "towns and cities" like Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny, Courtilleres, Aubervilliers, Aulnay sous bois, montreuil, and bagnolet. you can find 40 cities within the 93 with several various jobs and over 1.5 million men and women live truth be told there. in addition Neuf-trois and quatre vingt treize The sexual act of slurping one's back as they behave like a trapped spider, while someone else dances around them in a group. Can be carried out with over 3 people. To prepay for anything (usually a food, e.g., at a restaurant) after which split before the product you paid for is available, leaving the company utilizing the money, but confused about why the things are not selected up.This verb, "to 93," originated Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2008, at Schyde's, when anyone who had receipt #93 didn't collect ordered chicken wings. The cooks had been phoning #93 for fifteen minutes, everytime getting increasingly verbal towards wings becoming prepared. East Side Bloods as with gang bangers that wear purple and stuff and bang crips