What does 89 89 '89 89 89 89 89 mean?

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Titty Fucking Titty fucking. The 8 presents the titties, while the bow associated with the 9 represents your penis. The entire year you utilize in mention of something that you have-not done in sometime. Typically, always an exaggeration. 89 occurs when you 69 with a fat chick. Simply the same concept of the intimate position 69...Except you fart in each others faces The most awesome quantity in the field. When theres a number needed, 89 may be the approach to take. Anything you previously need is an 89 away. If you need to make use of a random number in every situation you have to make use of the quantity 89, its just the most useful. This word is a variety of 86 and 69. Utilized when discussing sex with people then kicking all of them completely or making straight away a short while later. Just like a booty telephone call or a single evening stand.