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Your dad's knowledge, in line with the platitudes of conventional GOP political leaders like Ronald Reagan. The belief that if you allow the economic climate lie, it'll have the desired effect. Similarly, staunch social conservatism, which suggests resistance to LGBT marraige, and legalizing grass and prostitution. For me, economic conservatism is right in principle, but personal conservatism gives the Republican party a terrible, terrible title.keep in mind, it is common to disagree aided by the generation that forms you. It happens constantly; it really is normal. In performing this, though, you gravitate a tad bit more towards the generation that shaped the generation that shaped you. Which means, in a way, your 2012 election is comparable you might say into the election of 1972, where Richard Nixon, Republican conventional, ended up being re-elected, and quickly cut staying federal spending from vestiges of Lyndon B. Johnson's Great community. This election is similar to that election in that the voters who're turning 18 were raised because of the voters who have been switching 18 then, and it is the youth just who really make a difference in the elections these days, because the online is filled with them.So disagree with your parents, and eschew standard 80s knowledge. But notice that when you get older, you may possibly understand that it had been right."Young Republicans have no heart. Old Democrats haven't any brain."