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somebody giving somebody else truly simple and predictable reactions (over either text or perhaps the internet) that remind you of playing with a magic eightball toy It's some people and Crip Shit dat dey both claim, the 8 baseball represents the alliance they formed, the Crip group indication "the C" therefore the individuals "Pitch Fork" put together is an 8 baseball that is why dey use it, it's thought to been cracked bout 3 or mo times however once again Crips and people niggas still believe in it like niggas around my way...Eastcoast and Mid West crips varies from our countertop components within the western but it's all Luv Cuzz, Eastcoast and Mid western niggas is primarily on dat 6 PIONT STAR shit, while niggas inside west is right crippin dey don't provide a fuck about no Stars~>i am blue flaggin all-day cuzz<~