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ham radio talk for "best regards" or "talk to you later", "good-bye for the time being". Originated throughout the beginning of radio in which abbreviations shortened messages in Morse Code. Sheldon Coopers favourite numberHe likes it because 73 is the twenty-first prime number with-it's mirror 37, which is the 12th and it's mirror that will be 21 and it is the response to 7x3.He likes it many because 73 is a palindrome (1001001). 69, with 4 fingers The most amazing intimate position ever before! You couldn't also compare it to 69 and/or the sluggish puppy!! It's not so difficult, only ensure you get your unconscious victim... er prepared partner to lie regarding their belly and put your "candy" together with their particular "jiggle mountain". Relax and luxuriate in