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as previously mentioned, the AK-47 and FN-FAL/SLR both have actually barrels of calibre 7.62mm. But the two weapons fire totally incompatible cartridges. The FN-FAL/SLR used the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge whereas the AK-47 used the smaller 7.62x39 Soviet cartridge.The NATO cartidge is much more powerful and has better range (therefore it offers usually already been used in device firearms such as the BREN and GPMG/FN-MAG, as well as in sniper rifles sucn while the SR-25), though the less powerful Soviet cartridge works more effectively at wounding/killing a person at typical fight ranges (significantly less than 400m). 7.62 mm, the grade of AK-47 and all related guns employed by armies and folks of numerous countries 7.62mm rounds will be the rounds chambered in certain attack rifles also firearms.The most famous of all of the guns with the 7.62mm cartridge is the AK-47/AKM,and the FN FAL.The round relies on mainly its fat,rather than velocity.The 7.62mm round has a lot of kick,and recoil is large,its body weight overrides its velocity,meaning its more inaccurate after that smaller caliber rounds,but and also this means penetration is considerably increased.The 7.62mm rounds fat will make it through perhaps the strongest of round resistant vests,and its size produces devestating entry and exit wounds.