What does 7 card stud mean?

7 card stud meaning in Urban Dictionary

a game title of poker in which each player gets 7 cards and attempts to make the most useful five-card poker hand out of each. Each player is dealt 2 cards down and 1 up. The player using highest showing card could be the very first to start out the first round of gambling by "checking" or wagering. Afterwards round of wagering each player who has got maybe not folded their particular hand however is dealt another card face up. There is certainly then a second round of wagering about this card beginning with the person who reveals the best hand. There's after that a 3rd card dealt confront each player who is however in the hand, accompanied by a 3rd round of wagering. Then there is the 4th card dealt confront everyone else nonetheless in with increased betting happening. The second card may be the 5th and final card and it's also dealt face right down to each staying player. Everybody then bets once again then the hand has ended. The person who helps make the most readily useful 5 card poker hand wins the pot!