What does 7 mean?

7 meaning in General Dictionary

an additional than six constituting or denoting a quantity composed of seven items or products representing the number seven as an Arabic numeral

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  • being one more than six
  • the cardinal number that is the amount of six plus one

7 meaning in Symbols Dictionary

number seven

Sentence Examples with the word 7

It was commanded by Prince Alexander of Hesse; the 1st division (3 infantry brigades, i cavalry brigade, 6 batteries) came from Wurttemberg; the 2nd division (2 infantry and I cavalry brigades, 5 batteries) from Baden, the least anti-Prussian of all these states; the 3rd division (2 infantry and i cavalry brigades, i rifle battalion, 4 batteries) from Hesse-Darmstadt; the 4th division consisted of an Austrian brigade of 7 battalions (three of which were Italians), a Nassau brigade, and two batteries and some hussars of Hesse-Cassel.

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