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an incredibly preferred clothes range that competitors gucci and old navy in high quality.. A small grouping of distinguished men which turned the style up and let the haters hate although the attention piled up. 6KR put the gold standard for focusing and concentrating Ottumwa Hater class's negative energy onto one object.sadly the haters, 6KR was a fucking creature that went on hate. The greater they hated, greater it became. The bad power of OHS fueled 6KR's exponential growth of intrigue and secret.Sadly the haters powered the monster they feared therefore much.In an ironic perspective many backup cat companies surfaced, enlisting most original 6KR Haters. a group of exceptionally tuff people who run ohs which might never want to wreak havoc on This interesting cryptic originated in the south Iowa city of Ottumwa around 2004-2005 (around). The secretive digit and letters had been displayed regarding t-shirts of some dozen male students associated with the neighborhood's twelfth grade. Most neighborhood residents saw this as an indication that combination represented a club, team, or gang's, logo.initial versions showcased a black top with red lettering. The group was over looked by many and small amounted using this prelude. When you look at the Spring of 2005, a fresh design had been introduced by the group. The newest design flaunted a blue shirt with white lettering as well as 2 brand new functions: personalized numbering similar to a jersey and a quote across the scapula which read "BAD could be the brand-new EFFECTIVE." This edition created an extremely extensive interest and conflict; but the group stayed silent in regards to what the symbolization represented. Many people developed speculations, viewpoints, and hypotheses; however the team ended up being determined to let people's imagination wonder.into the Fall of 2006 a prior member of the team (whom wishes to keep anonymous) introduced the definition of conundrum. In line with the past member, 6KR is short for 641Krew. Explicitly, it designates each member of the group as a part regarding the "Crew" from location code 641. The users meant for this to-be just what females would bear in mind as the "Crew" prowled other cities, areas, area rules, etc. A lot of fagots that run-around O.H.S.