What does 6a36a3ah mean?

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طعطعة is an arabic word that describes a phenomena where a group of youngsters ( usually of a Jordanian origin ), out of pure boredom, useless , and homesickness, get together and start their fun and games .The origin of the word isn't 100 % known , but according to some references it originated sometime in the early 21 century , in the area of central Germany .Pioneers of this phenomena are people like Sameer Hatamleh .Rakan abu Shanab, Hazem Hijazi , Ghaith Madain , and Hani Abu Huwaij .Important developers are people like Saja Khasawneh , Ahlam Serhan , Ridab Soudani , Dana Barqaqi , Hanan Shaheen ,and Yasmin Khair .Cities where the Phenomena was said to be seen are ones like , Frankfurt , Munich , and lately in Heidelberg in an extreme incident that extended over 3 Days and ended in an unexpected way .Looking back , one of the surprising events was when , Nama'a Qudah , aged 21 at the time , joined in and started some of the phenomena rituals , such as joking , watching Al 3ajooz mnasmeh m3o on youtube , iltblee3 ,and staying up late to " ita3ti3 " with her fellow friends online , on a page that is still undercover for security reasons .In other references , the word was spelled as Ta3ta3a .