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multiple dental intercourse. May be practised by M+M, M+F or F+F.The reference is the fact that numerals 6 and 9 are inverted variations of each other, showing the actual position the couple must adopt whenever engaged in this sexual training.u000du000au000du000aA situation where in actuality the male licks the feminine's vagina additionally the feminine sucks the male's penis...could be used for male on female or male on feminine activity it should never be considered intercourse since it is only oral...fun position that each one covers and makes jokes about untill they experience it for the first time. hottest number discussed by teenagers alongside 420.u000du000au000du000aMultiple fellatio and cunnilingus - the feminine sucks a man's penis while he consumes the woman pussy out. Lgbt variations of 69 may also be practiced.u000du000au000du000aThe best quantity can be done as factorial on a standard calculator. 70 triggers mathematical eroor.u000du000au000du000aA number between 68 and 70.u000du000a69 whenever a girl is drawing in your cock while u are upside down consuming her pussy.u000du000au000du000aSimultaneous dental intercourse.