What does 684 mean?

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An abbreviation of area switch rule when it comes to city of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Now utilized as a chant for residents to portay thier pleasure of the house.Ever since 'the great flood' of 2007, Tewkesbury pleasure has actually skyrocketed, because has arrived to realize that its the greatest/smallest/most very likely to overflow again town in the nation. Folks from or with lived-in Tewkesbury, could often be heard chanting '684' in various neighbouring cities. The 684 life style is certainly not simple. Dedicated members being heard chanting "684 for a lifetime!" at anybody in thier basic vicinity.

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From this time onwards the Humber formed the boundary between the two kingdoms. In 684 we hear of the first English invasion of Ireland, but in the following year Ecgfrith was slain and his army totally destroyed by the Picts at a place called Nechtansmere (probably Dunnichen Moss in Forfarshire).

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