What does 68 68 68 6'8 68 68 68 mean?

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you will do myself and I'll owe you one. A sexual(usually dental) favor done by somebody without receiving the benefit in return.69 Oral sex on a snowman Whenever a smaller sized person in height of 6 foot 8 is irritating the hell out of you, you threaten them you have a "friend" that is 6"8 and would "take attention" of them in a pulse. The smaller individual is generally immediately taken back and intiminated by that declaration, they have a tendency to go out of you alone permanently and posses a fresh found concern with you. One individual obtains, and the various other one cannot receive in an intimate term.All one other meanings had it wrong so I decided I would place mine inside. Usually utilized as a corny pick-up line indicating the speed limitation of intercourse. The act in which a male proposes an untrue arrangement with a lady, when the feminine will perform dental intercourse in the male as well as the male guarantees to come back the favour, owing her one in the near future, therefore title "68". The male then, afterwards, will not return the favour, therefore a fraud on female.