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A derivative of Heads up, this term had been commonly used(shouted) inside great deal before and after Phish reveals to alarm surrounding bystandards that law enforcement was in the vicinity and to conceal any contraband immediately. It had been usually applied to shakedownwhen an undercover officer ended up being found, or a typical officer was from the prowl and notably concealed because of the general group. It absolutely was additionally seen on a favorite lover made t-shirt that used a parody for the 7Up logo design and read "6 Up, The Uncoola". A sign among present day hippies that law/drug administration had been almost. Known as for the six lights that sat atop most old cop automobiles, it's a method to alert others without implicating yourself. Term used to carry on the design out, Look behind ya, consider pigs (police) 1. Police have registered the premises.2. Watch your butt!3. Look Behind You