What does 6 mean?

6 meaning in General Dictionary

yet another than five denoting an amount composed of six products or products representing the quantity six as an Arabic numeral

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  • denoting a quantity comprising six products or devices
  • the cardinal quantity that is the sum of five and another

6 meaning in Symbols Dictionary

number six

Sentence Examples with the word 6

Again, however, the advantage was with the East, for the delegates were chosen by counties, two from each; but in the convention, which was in session at Raleigh from the 4th of June to the filth of July, the East made some concessions: such as the popular election of the governor (who had previously been elected by the two houses of the legislature), the disfranchisement of free negroes, and the abolition of representation from 6 boroughs, 4 of which were in the East.

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