What does 53 53 5'3 53 53 53 5.3 mean?

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A slang term for a custom automobile in NASCAR The Game 2011. Infamously, no one would like to race basic because of the massive lag they cause. Because no other players can see custom automobiles in a race, they've been alternatively shown as a yellow #53, hence their particular title. the number of the black crayon in a crayola package. in wich is the "black guy" as a dehuminizing term for peop of african decent. commenly utilized by caucasians or legislation enforcement.Common term for an "african US." Was a southern tradition for several years. "Hey you 53, conquer right here!" exclaimed the officer. "I'm in Sagaponack Bitch." Sagaponack bitch: You could use this slang in almost any altercation with your companion. It merely states "keep me personally the fuck alone." the typical teenage height. should your taller that 5'3 end developing and when your shorter than 5'3 keep developing. a number that haunts town of aledo texas and has be a part of every day life for aledoians. Some say the number is extremely unlucky gettin' some constantly This variation associated with the 69 takes place when a lady falls on some guy and he sticks his pinkies up the woman nostrils. average size (ins) of a mid-European cock (eg. German)