What does 50s housewife mean?

50s housewife meaning in Urban Dictionary

A domestic goddess who shares alot of stereotypical, obsolete, attributes of females into the 1950s, particularly:.Wearing pearls while baking.Acts exceptionally naive when it comes to intercourse..Very cheery, pretends becoming pleased..Treats her husband like a king, literally..Needs to looks her very best while working her butt off. .Prepares supper an hour or so early before he husband comes back home from work. .Lets the girl hubby do all the speaking for her..Bright, sunny, insanely clean residence..Sexually repressed. .Wears demure, feminine clothing..Fantasies about various other guys, such as a next door next-door neighbor, her child's companion or a celeb..Never talks her head..On the woman leisure time, often goes shopping or to the beauty salon.