What does 5-0 50 5-0 5-0 50 5.0 5 0 mean?

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Slang for cops and/or a warning that authorities are nearing. Produced from the television program Hawaii 5-0. In addition see pig, and piglet. (Verb) Street Slang used by many to replace the word Police. Originated from a classic Cop show called Hawaii Five-O. It aired from September 1968 to April 1980. The "Five-O" in the subject after that became a commonly made use of term for Police. Another name for policemen slang for police, descends from it tv show "hawaii five-0" (evidently a program about cops) Law Enforcement. 50, pronounced "five oh", suggests the cops. It comes from cop program Hawaii 5-0, and contains JACK SHIT TO DO WITH MOTHERFUCKING CROWN VICTORIA'S, YOU STUPID MARK!! Slang for police. Origin not clear, likely derived from the 1970's television police drama "Hawaii 5-0" though it is suggested to refer to the "5.0" emblems on Ford Mustang police automobiles utilized by many companies when you look at the late 1980's-1990's. 1. A cop. This term is employed once the cop is coming when you. Avoid cops at all costs, they've been off to enable you to get for something you performed or didn't do.2. A grind done on a skateboard when one vehicle is on the rail, together with various other is raised above.