What does 49th street mean?

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49th Street is a street in the instances Square neighborhood of downtown New York. It has now already been washed up, but in the 1970s, it had been quite a messed up neighbor hood. The spot of 49th street and 8th Avenue had been known for its numerous porn theaters, which showed the iconic 1972 film Deep Throat, amongst others. I've a method of clothes that I call "CBGBs crossed with 49th Street." It is essentially Blondie-punk-style clothes but with the tops just a little tighter or cut just a little lower, therefore the dresses can be short. A number of the great combinations they consist of are silver platform shoes and fishnet ponchos with long lace-and-satin container tops and punk rock puppy collars and spiked cuffs. It is my tribute into "I don't provide a fuck and I also express my sex nevertheless I would like to" spirit of the age. It will not = "looking like a porn celebrity" (that'd be one conservative porn celebrity!). It = being sexy on my own terms. When I use "49th Street" as an adjective, i am talking about "bad-ass, hardcore, rebellious, defiant".