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48, 48ing, 48ed, also known in full whilst the "48 Degree Enjoy" is when two platonic buddies opt to do a naked trail operate together. 48 could be the ideal heat for such a run to take place and a comfy ambiance for garments in the future down in. 48ing is notorious for causing these friends "taking what to the second level". In fact, it is said that although these friends tend to be operating, an equal quantity of baseball is played that evening. ;) A 48, or forty-eight is a kind of cargo train automobile that usually keeps similar pots you would see an 18 wheeler pulling?minus the rims obviously. The forty eight seems like a gondola and often gets the numbers 48 coated on the side regarding the vehicle. Besides railway workers?train hoppers and graffiti artists are likely the only people that would understand or care just what a "48" was. A euphemism for sex. Originates from the alphanumeric sum when it comes to term sex in which S = 19, E = 5 and X = 24. FOB Fesh from the Boat. 48 also represents the FOB group. to smoke and/or blaze it, stoned, to own enjoyable to get fucked up. Its once you apologize for committing 49 inside definition where you say anything homosexual towards buddies. in addition understand as 787'48'. the zipcode for an integral part of south austin,tx. also referred to as white-pussy land. the wheelchair-clique uses the residents as marks for product sales.