What does 47 47 47 47 47 47 4-7 mean?

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A tall, bald, daunting specific with a barcode tatooed in the back of their head. Typically wears a suit, connect and black colored gloves and it is a hired killer. If not murdering folks for cash, he enjoys gardening. The main personality from the Hitman series. High, bald with a barcode regarding the back of his head, he prefers black matches, .45 Silverballers, the Walther W2000 and fibre cable. Additionally enjoys gardening. When a devout Catholic, quit his faith after being forced away from your retirement. Several that alumni of Pomona College believe occurs more regularly in the wild than many other random numbers. 1st try to prove this conjecture occured in 1964 whenever Laurens "Laurie" Mets ('68) and Bruce Elgin ('68) examined Ca license plates when it comes to number.Additionally, due to the presence of Pomona graduate Joseph Menosky ('79) as a publisher and co-producer of "celebrity Trek: next Generation", the amount had been adopted and used often through the series whenever a random number ended up being required. The key personality of Hitman series. An assassin, cloned from 5 best crooks. Is bald, with barcode tatoo on back of his head. Clothes in black colored match (with red wrap). best known for making use of fibre wire and .45 silverbarrels. Sillent demise, strikes precisely, eliminates only once positively nessesary. Great gardener and cataholic, provided that up whenever was forced out of pension and betrayed because of the Agency, their employer. The essential regular quantity to arise in Star Trek shows. There clearly was a society at Pomona College, Ca, USA, which propagates the belief that the quantity forty-seven takes place in the wild with more than other natural numbers. The foundation of this seems to be a mathematical proof, written in 1964 by Professor Donald Bentley, which supposedly demonstrated that all numbers are add up to 47.Subsequentlly the quantity 47 appears everywhere, notablly in many episodes of Star Trek and Alias. Whenever one sees a woman in a non-party environment and she is considered a 4 regarding the 1-10 attractiveness scale, however views this exact same girl looking like a 7 in an event environment. This is usually because heavy quantities of compensate, naughty garments, reasonable self worth, and impaired judgment. These women are often named transmorphers.