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region code in Washington serving Lynnwood, Alderwood Manor, Edmonds, Brier, and some elements of Bothel, Belvue, Redmond, and North Seattle. abbreviation of HellBound Krew. an urban organization based out-of southern californias cachella valley area signal 760.representation for wilderness empire but additionally features a part in east oregons nyssa oregon. the treasure valley.this krew is infamous for sick raps and towering graffiti. imposing over others. A place signal that is in Washington state primarily known within the metropolitan community for increased crime town called Everett, which can be in the DEA's 100 most dangerous town's record. The most effective area rule regarding Ca. A lot of ghettos around right here and alot of gangstas. dah bestest place round mukilTEO bitch. you besta never be caught walkin down hp blvd wid aside ur band. when u struck one club... POP POP POP POP