What does 419 mean?

419 meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

instead named the Africa fraud or Nigeria scam, the 419 fraud is termed following the penal rule that it is prosecuted under in Nigeria, Africa. The con is virtually always distributed through e-mail or faxes and inform the recipient they've claimed the lotto or they understand or tend to be touching a businessman, formal, orphan, president, rich dead individual, widow, etc. who requires assistance withdrawing or gaining accessibility money. Usually this can be a sizable amount of cash, e.g. several hundred thousand or several million bucks, you are promised to some extent or whole.

Sentence Examples with the word 419

In Hong-Kong similar measures were carried out, with the result that the hospital admissions for malaria diminished from 1294 in 1901, the year when operations were begun, to 419 in 1905.

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