What does 4004 mean?

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manufactured by Ted Hoff, Masatoshi Shima, as well as others at Intel and introduced on November 15, 1971, the 4004 ended up being the first processor with a 4-bit register and a clock rate of 740 kHz. Smaller than a human thumbnail, the 4004 had 2,300 transistors with 10-micron spacing, 60,000 businesses per second (OPS), and cost $200.00, while having just as much computing energy since the ENIAC computer.

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The so-called era of the creation of the world is therefore a purely conventional and arbitrary epoch; practically, it means the year 4004 B.C., - this being the date which, under the sanction of Archbishop Usher's opinion, won its way, among its hundreds of competitors, into general acceptance.

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