What does 3D Printer mean?

3D Printer meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

produced by Charles W. Hull in 1984, the 3D printer is a classy printing device that utilizes a design from an electronic picture to create an identical physical item making use of materials such metal alloys, polymers, or plastic materials.

3D Printer meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A 3D printer is a computer-aided production (CAM) unit that creates three-dimensional items. Like a conventional printer, a 3D printer receives electronic data from a pc as input. But instead of printing the result written down, a 3D printer builds a three-dimensional model off a custom product. 3D printers use a process known as additive manufacturing to make (or "print") real objects layer by level before the model is complete. This really is diverse from subtractive manufacturing, which a device reshapes or eliminates material from a current mold. Since 3D printers produce models from scratch, these are typically more effective and produce less waste than subtractive manufacturing products. The entire process of printing a 3D model varies with respect to the product familiar with create the item. For example, whenever building a plastic model, a 3D printer may heat up and fuse the layers of plastic collectively making use of an activity known as fused deposition modeling (FDM). When making a metallic item, a 3D printer may use a process called direct material laser sintering (DMLS). This technique forms thins levels of material from metallic powder utilizing increased driven laser. While 3D printing was possible considering that the 1980s, it's been mostly used for large-scale professional purposes. But in recent years, 3D printers are becoming less costly and therefore are available nowadays to your customer marketplace. Due to the fact technology gets to be more extensive, 3D printers may become a viable opportinity for individuals to create their home products and replacement parts.