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.380 isnt a .38. its like saying a .45lc is the same as a .45acp. the 9mm, .380, .38, and .357mag, are exactly the same widths as far as the slug. just some have actually an extended cartridge making all of them more powerful. .380 becoming the weakest, followed closely by 9mm, accompanied by .38, while the most effective being the .357.usually a little framework gun, and leaves a hole in a person just as huge as a .357, its just slowly. but additionally some huge .380's, just like the mac11.alot of people who have actually a .45acp will tell you that a .380 is simply too weak, (but so is a .45). if you'd like power, get a revolver, a .357 or .44. or if you needed an automatic and desired exorbitant power perhaps a 10mm. center quality firearm comparable to 38. a .38 caliber pistol, equivelent to a 9mm, sometimes a revolver center classed gun, decent uses 9mm I do believe