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number 1) Number often used in fiction since it is inconspicuous: A prime quantity higher than 25 but under 50.#2) Number that always results in low priced magician's technique: Ask you to definitely choose lots in his/her head between 1 and 50 with both digits strange additionally the first digit significantly less than the second. Victim usually picks 37 due to #1).#3) Birthday quantity probably to trigger a mid-life crisis.#4) The sheer number of men a female must give a blowjobs to to become a slut (look at film "Clerks"). the amount of cocks that Dante's girlfriend Veronica claims having drawn in the movie "Clerks". Dante is extremely upset at their revelation as veronica had stated she just had sex with three various girls but later on explained that she just slept with 3 various dudes but that didnt mean she didnt just choose men and women Consecutively?Watch Clerks and find out, you fucking savage. noun, countablealso 3.7 inchesthe normal adult erect penis amount of Korean lineage The universal number. Try to find it and you'll notice it every where. Movies, adresses, and specially, the test card for American Express. The greatest quantity there is. Many 1337 quantity. Perhaps not the worst quantity. Have the point? The solitary many arbitrary quantity between 1 and 100. Examining webpage 37 in virtually any guide you may recognize its therefore random that is eventually ends up in the center of an either exciting an element of the guide or remarkable component. A highlight, one of the ways or another.As said in Kids across the street episode TASTE (get a hold of lost ancient variety of refrechment), you will find 37 tastes of icecream! If that is not fortunate, I'm not sure what's.