What does 3.5 35 35 35 3.5 35 35 mean?

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1/8 of an ounce of Marijuana. A glass or two preferred within the western US. It relates to a roughly an equal mix of a dried out or complex dark wine (a cab, for example) and Southern Comfort. Title originates from the actual alcohol content the bartender should achieve for this drink, since over 35% frequently tastes too sweet, while under 35per cent preferences like high priced wine. Some people liken an adequately blended 35 to a grape Jollie Rancher, while some state it is similar to prune liquid. In either case, it is much better than it seems. * 35] slang , pronounced (/ trɪˈspɛt /) is usually utilized in Croatia as a since a greeting or as an indication of ones admiration for someone or something, frequently followed closely by a motion of clenched fist tapping the upper body (around the heart location), twice- fast. (I.e., your message "respect" in a few cultures). letter. synonym for BroFrom the element Bromine, which has an atomic amount of 35. The beds base between 3rd and 4th (whenever defined as hand jobs and intercourse) which describes oral sex. that which you call some body inside late teenagers and younger twenties when university, insufficient excersize and shaving has taken a cost on the body. This leads to the freshmen 15, a sizable instinct and growth of hair all around the stomach. looking similar to a 35 yr old fat man in place of a adult. Means (male) masturbation. Propably due listed here joke:Two guys walk into a toilet. While guy number 1 starts pissing, man number 2 begins counting numbers aloud. 1, 2, 3, 4..., 5, 6, 7.Man # 1: What had been those numbers all about?Man # 2: The truth is boy, I like to keep things arranged. When I state 1, we unzip the zipper. When I say 2, we just take my penis out. Whenever I state 3, we pull back the foreskin. Once I say 4, we piss. Whenever I state 5, we pull forth the foreskin. Whenever I say 6, I put my dick back my underwear.And when I say 7, we zip the zipper.nevertheless overnight, the two men return to the bathroom, and all of a sudden the person starts yelling when you look at the restroom 1, 2, 3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5!!!