What does 2nd Wife Rule mean?

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A mathematical equation to determine the chronilogical age of a person's second wife: you are taking the man's physical age split by two plus 7 years and that will be their second wife's age. The guideline normally true to women who are first-time widows or divorcees however in reverse: simply take the woman age, subtract seven many years and increase by two and that is the age, plus or minus a few years, of her second spouse. If she's 44, she should begin hanging out at nursing homes and VFW lodges because the woman next husband are in the 70s. (You have to enable higher margin of mistake the older a woman's 2nd spouse's probably be.) The problem is there are more women who tend to be divorced within their 40s and 50s than there are single men inside their 60s and 70s. Ergo, additional validation for the range in "Sleepless in Seattle" that "it's much easier for a woman to-be killed by a terrorist than it really is to get a husband older than 40."