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The most painful & stressful period of minutes in which a rower places yourself on erg and it is determined to finish inside lowest time possible. A rower pulls the distance of 2000 kilometers, hence the name 2k.Extreme quantities of liquid needs to be used prior to the painful experience to hydrate the mussels. Discuss lactic acid, yourself is full of it and sobbing away for help. During this time period, you are going to cry, shout, perspiration, and stay packed with pain. However, the dreaded 2k may figure out your sitting position, generally there is not any time for slacking. Possibly probably the most bad and physically demanding activities that an athlete can ever before be forced to try. 2000 meters rowed either in the liquid or on an erg. The absolute most precise test of personal strength and endurance-halfway between a sprint and a lengthy length piece: a 2000 meter line. Because of this, your lungs tend to be starved for oxegen, plus mucles burn too. A shortened name for "NBA 2K__". (Insert 12 months into the empty, like 2K13.) Since NBA 2K has become the de facto NBA simulation game, just like Madden for NFL, many people understand "2K" to suggest the baseball sim. abreviation of took; indicating to simply take.used in texting, nd computer system communications